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    Welcome to the countryside of Hamina guiding tour

    Welcome to the countryside of Hamina

    5 hours and 30 minutes



    This guiding tour welcomes you to experience the countryside of Hamina area.The guiding lady who was born here makes you familiar with old and modern Hamina. She will make you acguainted with going to school in 1880's - 1950's not forgetting to tell you about the Finnish education system today. She will also show you the Finnish way of living in the country.

     The bus tour will take approx. 5,5 hrs. and our steps are: Vehkalahti Local Heritage Museum at first. We shall see old items and sources of livelihood as well as the coats of arms of "knaapit" the Finnish land nobility. The history of womens' defence organisation "Lotta Svärd" during the last wars is at present in this museum. 

    After the historical part we drive through villages for having country lunch at Ahola farm in the village called Kitula. Local food consists of soup, bread, beverage and pastry and it is included in the price. The family Ahola will tell us about their life in the modern farm. The next 

    stage is the Luoma Art gallery. The gallerist Pauli Luoma will show us his studio, paintings and he will tell us the history of creating the art gallery. His daughter Niina has her own shop with design handicraft in the building.

    An inventor and entrepreneur Hannu Tykkä is waiting for us at his own creation, the windmill. He will show us the many items he has created in his farm: the windmill, arboretum and the barn filled with rural history.. He is very talkative and has a lot of interesting stories to tell like the down shot soviet pilot's fate.  


    On our way back to Hamina, we will plop into the lake called "Vähäjärvi" if we still have power and enthusiasm left! Weather circumstances allowing...


    Guiding tour with entrance fees and lunch are included into the price. 


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    Welcome to countryside of Hamina guiding tour
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