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    Traditional lunch at Aholafarm

    Welcome to enjoy traditional Finnish food in our idyllic Latopirtti

    1 hour


    Next 9.9.2023


    Tilliliha is one of the traditional Finnish dishes, which was already a familiar festive and Sunday food in the 1920s and 30s.
    It was prepared especially in the autumn, during the slaughter season, as originally it was made from sheep´s meat.

    Tilliliha is a food that leaves no one cold.
    Nowadays it is a great delicacy for some, but for others it is the number one disgust from school dinners.

    At Aholafarm, we want to bring the traditional dill meat back to the ranks of celebration foods, and specifically made from local lamb meat.
    Using quality ingredients sourced locally and lovingly slow-simmered, we'll cook a meal that'll help you get rid of your childhood trauma in a delicious way.

    The farm's host couple will welcome you as an expected guest to the Latopirtti, where the history of the farm and the catering meet the present in a delightful way.

    Take up the challenge and book your place to taste our Kymenlaakso Menu, warmly welcome to a taste journey to Aholafarm!


    Lunch made out of local ingredients.

    Not included

    For an additional fee, you can buy a variety of the farm's own products to take home with you.


    Accessibility: There are small stairs to the barn, but you can get a ramp if necessary. Outdoor toilet has grip handles, but the rollator or wheelchair does not fit inside.

    Meeting places

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