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    The lost fortress city of Ruotsinsalmi, guided tour

    Experience the lost fortress city of Ruotsinsalmi

    2 hours


    Next 1.9.2023


    After the great naval battles of the Swedish Strait in 1790, the Russian Empress Catherine the Great ordered the Kotka area to be fortified. During this tour, you will learn about the history of the fortress and the remaining structures, as well as hear stories about the life of the big city of that time.

    Guided bus tour with a 20-40-seater. Operated by Heino Tours Finland. The guidance is provided by an authorized Kotka guide. The trip starts at Merikeskus Vellamo. During this tour, you will get to know the fortresses and other structures of that time and hear the stories hidden in them. During the trip, we will walk a few times to get to know the destinations in more detail.


    1. Meeting in front of Maritime Center Vellamo Tornatorintie 99, 48100 Kotka

    2. Guided bus/walking tour to Ruotsinsalmi fortress city (2 hours)

    3. Places to visit include the Orthodox Church, Battlefields of the Swedish Strait, Fort Catherine and Redutti

    4. The tours ends at Maritime Center Vellamo


    The price includes guided bus tour to the fortresses of Ruotsinsalmi.


    Tour includes short walking at some parks of Kotka. 

    Meeting places

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    Meeting at Maritime Center Vellamo
    Tornatorintie 99 a

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