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    You will be able to experience a memorable moment of exercise and Fall in love with beautiful Kotka with the opening and activating movement, you will enjoy yourself for a while and guided soft exercise in a group. You can get rid of travel strain!

    1 hour


    Next 31.8.2023


    This class will activate and refresh your body weight during the beach class.
    You can join this group alone or with a friend.
    In Mussalo’s Santalahti, you can see a cormorant flying over the sea, while doing a full-body guided exercise. During the hour, the mind relaxes, the movements and body control properties improve. Exercises help to improve the function of the neck - shoulder area, lower back or knees.

    You can experience a memorable sports experience on the magnificent beaches of Kotka under the guidance of a sports professional. During the class you will be able to do fun and effective activities to refresh your body and mind while traveling. You will get a good mood in whole body workouts that you will remember for a long time.
    On the sandy beach of the shimmering sea, joy is at its highest while doing a body-opening and strengthening exercise in Kotka's outdoor areas. This is the perfect whole for the well-being of the body and mind of an active traveler. Your body will strengthen and you will be able to continue refreshed after exercise.
    During the one-hour exercise, you will be able to perform a memorable exercise for a moment in the stunning scenery of Kotka under the guidance of a sports professional.


    Equipment, yoga mat, blanket, instructor, boiled tea are included in the price. The lesson is also suitable for performing in the rain, in which case disposable raincoats are included in the content of the service. (Heavy rain and thunder interrupt service for as long as necessary)

    Not included

    We cannot promise sunshine for a fee. Because the rocks are cool, you can take your own blanket with you and equip yourself with warm clothing for the on-site exercises. The lesson is suitable for performing even in the rain, in which case disposable raincoats are included in the content of the service. (Heavy rain and thunderstorm will interrupt service for as long as necessary)


    The class includes varied movement using all the features of the body. The level of movement is determined by your starting level and is safe for yoga practitioners of all levels. The class activates the body holistically with various techniques through movement and breathing. Current health, operated joints, or medications can affect performance and impact. The lesson is suitable for all levels, taking into account the previous sections in advance and provided to the instructor as preliminary information before starting the service. Use of alcohol or participation while intoxicated is prohibited for health reasons.

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