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    Pike Fishing

    Pike Fishing

    7 hours


    Next 5.9.2023


    The green arctic char, Hagert. These are some of the many names given to the largest predator in these waters, the pike. With the help of our experienced guide, you will get acquainted with this well-known but fascinating creature. The fishing equipment: a fishing rod and a reel and also the latest and most efficient lures. On Our trips we aim at ensuring catch to Our customers and who knows, you just might catch a pike of a record size when we explore the well-known good fishing locations. Pike is a strong fish and will surely prove to be a worthy opponent to be taken into account when it twists your fishing rod from the other end of the fishing line. This is truly a fishing trip to remember!


    Fishing takes place in the Kotka archipelago, transportation by boat from Sapokka port, Kotka. We will be cast fishing with lures from the boat. No fishing equipment needed, all necessary fishing equipment will be provided by the tour operator. Of course if you want to, you’re welcome to bring your own equipment. If you catch a fish that’s edible, you can take it with you.


    Pike 1 pc / person, any fish with lenght over 80cm must be released back to the water.

    Meeting places

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    Meeting point - Sapokka

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