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    Jig fishing

    Jig fishing is fun, active and eventful.

    7 hours


    Next 5.9.2023


    Jig fishing is fun, active and eventful. Shallows and flowing inlets are typical spots for jig fishing. Usually, when trying to catch for example perch or pike perch, morning or evening is the right time to choose but as for jig fishing close the seabed you can catch fish also in the middle of the day. Fish usually thrive near the seabed and are often, especially during the warm water season located deep. This is why they can be best reached with jig lures. Jigs also work when trying to catch pike and they can be used through the whole open water season.

    There are many optimal spots for jig fishing in the coastline of Kotka and lots of fish species that are susceptible for jig lures. Normal cast fishing equipment can be used in jig fishing. The lure is cast in to the water and allowed to sink into the seabed. After this, a jerk on the fishing rod and a couple of twists on the fishing reel and the lure is again allowed to sink into the bottom. Just repeat and wait for the catch!


    Gathering at Sapokka, Kotka 9:00 am.

    Equipment and instructions.

    9:30 am departure towards the fishing locations.

    12:30 lunchbreak in the boat or possibly on one of the nearby islands.

    13:30 the fishing continues in another location.

    Back to Sapokka, Kotka. Arriving at 16:00.



    Warm and waterproof clothing is recommended as it can get really cold on the boat, especially early in the springtime and autumn.

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