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    This fishing trip goes after the big ones!

    7 hours


    Next 31.8.2023


    This fishing trip may not necessarily produce a plentiful selection of fish onto the boat, and the casting intervals may be long at times, but when a cast does occur, it comes on strong!

    This trip uses sonar technology and some extra fishing expertise to really hone in on the big fish, which is what this trip is all about. Possible catches are perch, pike, or pike perch.

    The giants of our waters have a lifestyle very different from that of their smaller counterparts and generally swim solo, or at best, in the company very few others. These big fish have grown big for a very good reason; they are adept at dodging anglers, boats, and other perceived threats and can be very picky with their food at times.

    Once a potential fish is found, and the boat is well positioned, the sonar screen shows the exact position of the fish in relation to the boat, how it reacts to the boat, and the cast bait. However, one false move can spook a fish, and then you've lost your chance, so it's best to follow the instructions in the guide.

    There are several other very important factors to consider, such as the lure's colour and size, the different weighting methods, the thickness of the line, the style of fishing, and how clear the water is (or isn't). Weather factors such as wind speed, air pressure and general temperature can also influence the fish's willingness to take a bite.

    If, after all of this, you get that elusive bite, the action can get wild, and you'll have some great experiences that you'll remember for many years to come. So join us for this challenging but truly addictive form of fishing.


    -All necessary fishing equipment

     -Accompaniment of a certified fishing guide 

    -Boat and fuel costs 

    -Coffee and drinking water 

    -Barbecue sausages. To be enjoyed either on the beach or the boat as you wish. 

    -Life jackets 

    -Statutory liability insurance

    Not included

    Your fishing permit needs to be purchased separately, and while the guide can issue you permits for an additional cost, the easiest way to get a permit is to buy one yourself at https://www.eraluvat.fi/kalastus/kalastonhoitomaksu (in Finnish), which will cost you 6€ a day per adult. Under 18s and over 65s can fish without a permit.


    • If you would like something other than a sausage grilled by the guide during the break, we can arrange an island lunch for an additional cost. Ask about different options available when making your booking. Also, keep in mind that any food orders must be made at least 48 hours before the excursion by agreement with the tour operator (Predator Fishing Finland Oy). You are also welcome to bring your own food if you prefer.
    • Our boats are designed for cast fishing and are equipped with state-of-the-art sonar technology for real-time underwater observation. The boat also comes with a bow thruster, casting platforms, and quality fishing gear for your pleasure. Additionally, any fish you catch is guaranteed to stay fresh in the boat's circulating water mist system. At the end of the day, your guide can gut and fillet your catch but can also give you good tips on how to do it yourself.
    • If arriving for the tour dressed in your own clothes, please remember to bring warm, water-repellent clothing just to be on the safe side – Finnish weather can be unpredictable. Even if it's warm on the mainland, the sea breezes can be cold at times, and sudden showers can come by surprise.
    • We reserve the right to cancel a fishing trip if the weather conditions are not suitable. If the weather turns dangerous due to high winds, thunderstorms, or freezing of the departure harbour, the excursion will have to be cancelled. We will, however, do our utmost to find an alternative day for you, but in the unfortunate event of us not being able to fulfil your booking, a full refund will be given. The fishing guide will assess the weather conditions and decide if the event can be safely held prior to each trip.

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