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    Seilori Jepsu
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    M/S Misu, photo: Antti Ukkonen / Cursor Oy
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    Experience the rugged nature of the Gulf of Finland on a nostalgic wooden boat trip!

    Experience the rugged nature of the Gulf of Finland on a nostalgic wooden boat trip!

    4 hours


    Seuraava 23.5.2023


    Hop on to M/S Misu and visit an island in its natural state with a local guide. On this boat trip you will become familiar with the rugged and historical Kotka archipelago. We will go ashore to a pristine, uninhabited island where it is possible to explore the special nature of the archipelago of the Eastern Gulf of Finland. When you stand on the highest peak of the island, you will see the open sea and islands scattered across the horizon. This is an empowering and breathtaking experience.

    The trip will take place on a traditional Finnish wooden boat, so you can experience it all like a local. The route takes us via waterways not suitable for larger boats, so you will feel the closeness of nature first hand, as you learn about the area and its history from the skipper. Our services are flexible and can be tailored to take into account your individual preferences to ensure you get the most out of your boat tour, and an unrushed, relaxing experience as well.


    Price includes life jackets, guidance and services of Sailor Jepsu.

    Not included

    Please note! There is no food or drink service or toilet on the boat. 


    The boat is not suitable for persons with disabilities because access to the boat goes along the narrow sides. 

    The skipper has the right to cancel or postpone the trip or change the itinerary for whatever reason, be it weather (force majeure) or if the passenger conditions do not allow for safe travel. 

    The boat hood covers the passengers during rain, but it may limit the view. Be advised that although wind and waves may sway the boat and give rise to sea sickness, it is not otherwise dangerous. 

    The boat is a traditional wooden boat, which doesn´t include many amenities such as a toilet.

    Attention! There are ticks in the Finnish archipelago, so if you want to protect against them wear long trousers and take the vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis.

    In Force Majeure cases (like unexpected weather conditions) service provider has the right to cancel or postpone the trip. Force majeure could be weather, technical problem, sickness, passenger condition.

    Meeting places

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    Tulikukko Cafe at Sapokka Marina
    Sapokankatu 3

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