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    A good mood alpaca experience in Hamina for the whole family

    Discover soft alpacas and adorable dwarf goats at Merikeinu Alpaca Farm in Hamina. Spend nice moments in a rural setting, and grab the most hilarious selfie with the curious Fanny Alpaca!

    2 hours


    Next 31.8.2023


    During the farm visit, you will get to know the Alpaca farm of Merikeinu and its inhabitants - alpacas, dwarf goats, and rabbits. During the tour, you will hear about the caretaking of alpacas and goats and the stages of the Vuorenpää farm.
    Alpacas in particular love when you scratch them, but also when they get delicacies. You can get snacks from us to be offered to the animals. If you wish, you can also try lining alpaca in the yard. And you can even try to take a selfie with this cute animal!
    At the end of the farm tour, we enjoy a refreshing moment (coffee/tea/juice) with the farm’s own pastries. From our terrace, you can admire the countryside, the peace of nature and the hustle and bustle of animals.

    The Merikeinu alpaca farm in Husula, Hamina, has been maintained by the same family for more than 100 years. Currently, the farm is permanently inhabited by six alpacas and five African dwarf goats. In addition, there are rabbits and cats on the farm.


    - Guided tour on Merikeinu alpaca farm 

    - Getting to know the animals on the farm 

    - Coffee / tea / juice with pastry 

    - Free parking in the farm yard


    We move both outdoors and in the stables of the farm’s animals. Please wear proper walking shoes and clothing according to the weather. We hope you are not afraid of getting a little dirt on your shoes or clothes.
    Alpacas and goats rarely cause allergic reactions but please note that there are a wide variety of animals on the farm.
    It is easy to get to the farm by car, and parking spaces can be found in the farm’s courtyard.
    We also welcome dog friends, but always keep your dog on a leash all the time. 

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